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Learner Centered and Culturally Relevant Education and Training

We foster a learner centered and culturally relevant mindset that centers humanity and uplifts the brilliance of your learners. 

Building on this foundational mindset, we provide customized professional development around pedagogy, curriculum design, and assessment.

Our Why: Education and training is often ineffective, one-size-fits-all, and lacks relevance. We believe that impactful and meaningful learning and growth can happen by centering the learners and tapping into the brilliance in the room.  


  • community building foundations, mindset, and exercises 

  • learners as decision-makers 

  • Restorative Practices - community building circles and approaches

  • reimagining classroom power structures

Sample Services

 Audit, Analysis, and Feedback on existing Curriculum, Training, and Feedback practices

Trauma Informed Practices Training and Tools

Decolonizing your curriculum coaching, training, and resources

Our How


leading and supporting whole group or team learning, dialogue, and implementation


leading and supporting small group or 1:1 learning, dialogue, and implementation


building customized resources for your organizational needs


partnering with you to design a clear road map for your organizational goals 

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