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Organizational Foundations

We partner with you and your key stakeholders to co-create, recenter, or reimagine the foundational pillars of your organization - your vision, mission, values, ways of being, and strategic plan - to optimize your organization's goals.

Our Why: Having a solid foundation and clear mission and vision will optimize your organization's goals and impact. We believe dedicating intentional time on a regular occurrence to assess, evolve, and revisit the core organizational statements and structures is imperative for sustainability and success. 

Sample Services

Co-create or revisit and revise organization's mission, vision, and value statements

Co-create a strategic plan with benchmarks + checkpoints

Design and implement a process for a roadmap for decolonized workplace

Our How


leading and supporting whole group or team learning, dialogue, and implementation


leading and supporting small group or 1:1 learning, dialogue, and implementation


building customized resources for your organizational needs


partnering with you to design a clear road map for your organizational goals 

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