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Welcome to

The Loop!

We disrupt harmful practices, reimagine possibilities, and build pathways for sustainable change.

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What is The Loop?

The Loop is our cyclical process for deep learning that generates conditions for a transformed classroom and organization.

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Learning is the foundation of all that we do. We are committed to creating and fostering learning environments where all can grow.


"The Loop Consulting Collective takes the pressure and stress of change out of restorative practice work. Your humanity is honored, there are learning opportunities for all, and above all, actionable outcomes are created."

-Trenton Lawson, Meadowbrook Elementary Associate Principal

"Breana and Shannon are two of the most effective consultants I’ve worked with, truly modeling through their process the strategies we could use in our school. They created an environment that felt safe to be vulnerable while holding on to the importance of transforming school and making paradigm shifts."  

-Tyler Martin, Meadowbrook Elementary Teacher

"At many PDs, I get a feeling that I am doing something wrong and am a passive recipient of knowledge. Today the both of you stepped back and let the staff do the work. This led to a community of people on a common mission. It was very effective."

-Red Wing Secondary Educator

"I felt seen, engaged and motivated. As a teacher experiencing burnout this refreshed my heart."

-Red Wing Secondary Educator

"Shannon and Breana were amazing at tailoring a training specific to the desires of the Randolph staff and administrative team. They provided us with strategies at both the elementary and high school levels to help make our learning communities more inclusive and welcoming to benefit the students."

-Lori Nicolai, Randolph School Social Worker

"The Loop gave me practical strategies to support my students’ well being. They also encouraged me to prioritize my own mental health which will equip me to do my job better.” 

-Rio Severson, Randolph Special Education Teacher

Why Choose Us?

We are educators.

We share over 25 years of classroom teaching experience across multiple settings and contexts. 

We customize.

We intentionally disrupt the one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach to consulting by ensuring multiple points of entry to learning and growth based on your specific needs.

We ask questions.

We engage with multiple stakeholders to uncover the unique contextual needs of each organization by conducting a comprehensive needs assessment. 

We work alongside you.

We partner with our clients to co-create a plan of action that uplifts the brilliance in the room to achieve desired results.

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